What Training Would You Need To Become A Maintenance Technician?

Maintenance technicians are highly valued in the job force because they are essentially responsible for keeping facilities in good working order, whether it is a factory, industrial operation, manufacturing plant, or otherwise. If you would like to see a career as a maintenance technician, you should know that the training you receive will heavily impact what kind of employment opportunities that will be available. Some employers offer their own on-the-job training for these roles, but almost all of them will require you to have some experience in various maintenance trades. Here is a look at some of the training you may need to become a maintenance technician. 

Electrical Engineering

As a maintenance technician, a lot of your job responsibilities will be associated with maintaining electrical-powered machinery and equipment in a workplace. For example, if a die-cut machine or conveyor systemgoes down because it has an electrical problem, it would be your job to open up the operations panel and ensure there are no damaged wires, assess the circuitry, and track down the source of the problem. Most maintenance technicians are certified electricians, and they also sometimes have certifications in things like electrical circuitry, electrical mechanics, or electrical maintenance. 

HVAC Systems Overview

HVAC systems in industrial settings are massively sized compared to their typical counterparts, and for some operations, proper interior temperatures are vital to both workplace safety and product quality. Therefore, it is wise to become certified in HVAC systems if you plan to look for a job as a maintenance technician. Even if you do not know for sure where you will be seeking employment, there is a really good chance this knowledge will be deemed advantageous in the field. Plus, having an understanding HVAC systems also will mean you have the knowledge and a skill sets that can cross over into other areas of maintenance and help with certain job duties. 

Industrial Repair 

Industrial repair qualifications can be training at different levels of making repairs to various types of machinery. A lot of this training tends to be hands-on, depending on where you seek employment or what concentration you have in a formal facilities maintenance training program. You may learn about engine operations and problems, maintaining an electrical motor, and similar topics if you take industrial repair classes at a community college. You may also learn about things like steam systems, boiler units, conveyors, water distribution machinery, and much more. 

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